Time Use along the Mexico-U.S. Border

This is the second in a series of plots describing the time use of women and men in Texas. Here I focus on the border counties. Firstly, let me point out that the IPUMS datasets used to create these plots are inconsistent. You’ll notice that El Paso, Texas is absent from some of the frames. This is because the surveys dropped the location from IPUMS after 2015. Nevertheless, you can follow Cameron and Hidalgo Counties for the entire period.

How to use the chart

Click the arrow on the timeline and watch the bubbles move over time. Click on one bubble to highlight the point and click time again, watch the evolution. Hover and click over a bubble to see the data embedded in the graph. Hover over the entire graph to activate Filters and explore some more.

Why focus on time-use?

The concept here is to better understand how women and men use their days – at work outside the house or at home. There is a very clear difference.